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Stephen Burdi

Stephen Anthony Burdi is a vastly experienced and highly skilled professional equipped with the strong sense of responsibility needed to serve in the healthcare industry in the most effective of manners. Stephen was born and raised in Edison, NJ and attended Ocean County College.

Stephen holds vast experience of working in the restaurant business and has extensively worked in the food industry for a span of more than 40 years. He holds the credential customer care knowledge and his remarkable ability to understand the real needs and requirements of the customer assist him in working in the given profession.

Stephen transitioned into the field of healthcare couple years back with the hopes of doing something bigger and more purposeful in his professional career. Knowing the significance of insurance, Stephen stepped into the world of healthcare in order to educate others about the importance of having the right insurance policy.

Stephen always had a great passion for serving people and helping others for their own betterment is the best and most complete way to serve the community. Stephen enjoys helping people and hopes of giving his due contribution in the healthcare industry. Stephen began working with Medicare about a month back and hopes of climbing the ladder of success as a healthcare professional in the near future.

Stephen is a proud father to two kids and guitar enthusiast with a huge collection of spectacular guitars and blues music.

Client Testimonials:

“Excellent!!! Stephen Burdi was amazing. I was hesitant at first when I went to an insurance site and EIP came up. Mr Burdi was very informed and helpful, understood my concerns, and guided me to what were my best options considering my personal circumstances. Extremely knowledgable regarding what was available in my state and for my health conditions. We will be with him again soon to look at what my husband plan should be, and I have given his name to several people. He calls and checks that things have gone through appropriatley and on time and checks back to see that everything is arranged properly and timely.Your organization is one stop shop and saved me hours and hours…days and days… of research and filling out forms. Thank you, Thank you.” – Laura C.

“Stephen Burdi was exceptional in providing me with the information necessary to make my decision on Medicare supplemental insurance. Mr. Burdi is quite an asset to Elite Insurance Partners.” – Billy G.