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Lindsay Engle

Lindsay Engle is the Marketing Specialist at Elite Insurance Partners. She has a strong background in SEO, content strategy, outreach, social media, website development, brand management, public relations, creating and executing marketing & digital strategic campaigns.

As a Senior Marketing Specialist, Lindsay Engle knows the potential of quality content. Whether she’s innovating new visibility strategies or outlining a multi-faceted outreach proposal, she approaches each project with characteristic enthusiasm. Driven by a genuine desire to connect with and elevate other industry leaders, Lindsay writes passionately to help small and large businesses alike capitalize on their full potential. Tapping into the power of blogging and social media, she is a pioneer in the field.

Lindsay weighs in on issues relating to Business Project Management, Marketing, Content Development and Brand Optimization. She has the insider’s perspective and insight into common issues modern business owners face. Her extensive and varied knowledge-base enables her to analyze any issues and craft unique solutions. With her outgoing personality and down-to-earth aesthetic, Lindsay is working to demystify the inner workings of marketing.

Though she’s worked her way up to earn the title of a Senior Marketing Specialist for the past five years, she recently delved into the world of the health insurance industry. She is passionate about addressing the needs of the individuals she works with. When she’s not lending her voice and expert opinion, or using top strategies to increase user engagement and search engine visibility, Lindsay enjoys unwinding with a long afternoon of fishing or lounging around with her pets.