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Andy Roman

Andy Roman is an experienced insurance agent with over 10 years’ experience working in the banking and insurance industry. He has experienced the good, bad and the ugly that the industry have to offer. Andy is also very knowledgeable about state laws and company policies regarding insurance, premiums, claims and policy declinations.

Committed to helping clients find the most suitable health insurance option that meets their financial capabilities, he made the choice to leverage his experience as a member of the MedicareFAQ team.

Born in Reading, Andy attended the Wesley Chapel High School. While looking forward to owning a home and retiring in Monterey California, Andy is passionate about guiding clients through life changing decisions in their choice of healthcare options.

When he is not meeting a client, Andy spends time in company of his loving family playing basketball and visiting places outside Spring Hill where he lives. His biggest motivation is his son whom he intends to give the best the world could offer.